Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Faithful So Far

...Up to this point the Lord has helped us...

Beloved Child of the faithful and loving Father, Happy New Year. Whether through wealth or lack, health or sickness, at home or abroad, in honor or dishonor, through difficulties or in joy, in trials, triumps, prayer or temptation, up to this point our Loving Father has helped us. If you look back at 2010, you will realize there are alot to be thankful for, including the mercy, grace, loving-kindness and faithfulness of God.

As you start 2011, realize that you still have some more distance to travel. There are still more trials, joys, temptations, battles, defeats, victories, prayers, answers, toils, and strength yet to come. 

Be strong and take heart, look forward to 2011 with hope and expectation, for the Lord who helped you up to this point is still standing by you to help you all through your journey. May 2011 find you walking in the purpose for which your Loving Father created you. May you experience the peace, joy and fulfilment that comes with having a relationship with God, your loving Father.

Remain blessed.

God’s Love and Mine…

(From The Heart of A Loving Father Devotional will not continue this year. Thank you for being a part of this journey of knowing more about our Loving Father. I pray you have been blessed as I am by the word of our Lord. I will keep you posted on any developments related to this devotional and much more).