Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Complaining To Reporting

“ Present your case,” says the LORD. “ Bring forth your strong reasons,” says the King of Jacob.

[Isaiah 41:21, NKJV]

Throughout the ministry of Jesus we observe people run up to Him to report their case to Him when they are in some difficulty. When the wine finished at the wedding feast in Cana, they immediately reported the problem to Jesus. In Mathew 8:1-3, a man was afflicted with leprosy and all the while he kept quiet, he remained a victim of the disease. When it became unbearable, he ran to the Lord and reported it and he was healed instantly. Similarly a prophet’s widow and her two sons suffered so much under the hands of their creditor who took the boys as slaves. When the woman found it unbearable and reported her case to God, her poverty was reversed to abundance (2 Kings 4:1-7). Likewise, God wants His children to report to Him unpleasant situations in their lives.

‘Present your case’, says the Lord. ‘Bring forth your strong reasons’, says the King of Jacob. Often times we prefer instead to discuss our problems with fellow humans, we sometimes complain and nag about our challenges. We find it easier to do. It may seem easier to tell it to the Pastor, but the Pastor is not in a position to deliver us from life’s problems, he too has his problems to deal with. God expects us to report situations to Him, instead of complaining about them in unfruitful circles. He says we should present our cases with strong reason’s from His word as basis for our desired change. God is the only one who will hear us and help us without mocking us after wards. Best of all is that when we report our case to God, He keeps our secret, but gives us miraculous answers in open.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I look up to you to relieve me of this challenging situation before me (pray specifically for any challenge you face or someone else faces). Truly, no one can understand my plight better than you, no one can help me as you can. Father please save me according to your word, and let me have peace I pray in Jesus name.

One-Year Daily Bible Reading Plan - Sept. 16 2010 - Daniel 7-9 (OT), Titus 3 (NT)